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Drinking Straws
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It's Exclusive
We designed it and had it produced !
Drinking Straw
Plus…. it's  28" long.
Best part.. you can cut this special washable, reusable Long Drinking Straw with standard  scissors to shorten it to any length you like, so that it will work best for you.
        ....that is one reason we had it made so long, everybody needs a different length!

Same diameter as original jumbo drinking straw as found in sports drinks.

Pack of 10 straws, natural color 
$10.75 plus shipping
!  NEW ! 
28 INCHES Long

     An EXTRA flexible section!
     Inside Diameter -   .35 inch

NEW!  We have added an EXTRA flexible section-
Two flexible sections in the center PLUS one near each end - allow you to bend it to the position you need
for your best access!!
When you use the EXCLUSIVE Sipper Clip or SELF-ADJUSTING STRAW HOLDER with the Long Drinking Straw, it will hold securely in the glass or water bottle. (I know -I use it at my desk with the special cupholder that has the suction pad base that stops it from tipping over and moving.)
Read about it on the drink holder section
Easily cut with scissors! 
 20% discount on first pack of EXTRA LONG STRAWS, 25% off every pack after that. 

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